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    Question Unanswered: help with error checking PLEASE

    this problem is solved.. I figured it out, I had a recordset before my error code


    I Hate to be a pain in the butt and re-post this question (or plee for help really) but I *really* need some help with this.

    I spent 56 bucks on two books and still couldn't come up with the answer.

    Its simple..

    I access a dbf batabase via JScript. I use Dreamweaver and do not really do any hand coding except for tweaking. When I say Jscript, I mean I selected Jscript as my dynamic page in Dreamweaver and then choose to insert a data access page via the plugins (it is NOT coded by hand)

    I am accessing a database via a select-where statement and if the where variable doesnt have records attached to it, my page comes up as an http error page and not my page with a "No Data" If it has data, the pages work GREAT.. but I need the error handling.

    I need the page to come up as is, with the Text "No Records Found" in place of the data that would have come up..
    (I dont need an error page)

    Sounds simple no???
    Not for me.

    The code I am using is posted at:

    I was told to use:

    // Do something....
    else Response.Write("No records found");

    But it doesn't work for me.

    The reason I post the code is so someone can understand what I am doing... and remember I am a novice big time..

    Thanks SO much.
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