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    Unanswered: confusion after recovering a non archivelog database

    I just did a recover to a production database . But I still have some confusion :

    The database is Oracle8.0.X and working in non-archivelog mode .

    Today , The database is not opened and It stays in Mount mode , and Ora-01113 indicate there is a datafile need to have media recover .

    As I have only last night export backup file and I don't want to jump
    to that long recover process (recreate the db , import the file etc)

    So I just try recover database in svrmgr ,(without doing anything before )

    Lucky , the system report media recover is successful and I can alter database open .

    My exprience told me that recover database is only working in archivelog mode and system will prompt me the archive log file . How it works for nonarchivelog mode database ?

    One think I can think is maybe the media recover source is redo log file which 'repair' the damage datafile . I guess if the log switch occured before , there would be no hope for this databse being recovered by using this way .

    Gurus , Please clarify my understanding .
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    Based on your description, I believe your assesment of the situation is correct. The information needed to recover the datafile was found in one of the on-line redo logs.

    If you have more than one on-line redo log group, then a log switch wouldn't necessarily mean you couldn't recover. The data stays in the on-line redo log until LGWR uses all of the other available groups and then starts using the first group again. At this point, information is overwritten in the first group. As long as the information needed for recovery is still in one of the redo log groups, you can recover the database.


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