Currently I have 3 datasources: 1 Oracle DB, 1 Flat Txt File, and 1 Sybase DB.

I am planning to use Access 2000 or Crystal Reports to take the flat file and compare it against the other database structures to find and report matches / mismatches records based on date stored in all three database structures.

As I have never done something like this, I am looking for any input to help the process go smoothly and to create the most effective tool.

I need to have a user friendly interface (thus Access) but the flat file could eventually consist of 30,000 - 60,000 records (not to mention the Oracle & Sybase DBs which are quite large) so I am concerned with the speed of the process with using Access. Someone has suggested Crystal Reports, but I am not familiar with the comparison capabilities of CR. Is this even possible with CR? Is there a better way to go then Access?

Any input would be appreciated...