Hi All -

I am new to oracle. I have downloaded oracle from the website version 9.0.1 and installed on redhat 7.1. But the installation wasn't successful. So, Uninstalled everything using the runInstaller. Then re-installed. Still did not work. I tried the above a few times. Then, I saw some user messages that said go to
$ORACLE_HOME/bin and do "relink all".

I did that and got over one error and now landed up in this error: ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_RLS", line 308.

( Prior to this, I had the background PMON process not unning. When I did the relink all, it went away, then got background DBW0 process not running.) I also got (forgot the ORA message number) something to do with Java Bind Exception while performing "Adding Oracle JVM" in the dbca, Which I ignored.

Any help/suggestions ?