I am accessing a Unidata database through an ODBC connection. Most queries complete successfully, but I'm baffled by the following error I receive trying to access only a few tables:

[Ardent][SQL Client][UNIDATA]Invalid transaction state: transaction is already active

There are no active transactions, and I've even gone as far as rebooting the server to "break" any active connections that may be connected that I cannot see. I've seen this error happen before when a query abends and the connection remains, but in this case, I have newly installed reporting software and the first time I tried to access several tables I receive the error.

The odbc access is set to public, the login has administrative rights on the server. I haven't regenerated the schema, but I can without harming anything.

For what it's worth, I'm running on Win2K servers, using reporting software that sends SQL code through the ODBC connection. Other tables are fine and queries return data, even one that read nearly 2.4 million rows, so I know there's nothing wrong with my ODBC connection.

Thanks for any help - I'm at the end of my rope!