Can some one help me how one access the Database engine remotely. I mean this e.g. there are two machines (A and B) where SCO Unix 5.0.3 and we have installed IDS 7.31 on both machines. Both machines are working.
Now I want to access the B DB Server (Which resides on B Machine) from A machine and vice versa.

How I access it?
What are the requirenets?
Both machines are interconnected using TCP/IP protocol both are pinging to eachother.

I have updated the SQLHOSTS, hosts, hosts.equiv and services files but could not access the B DB server from A Machine using dbaccess whenerver I select the B DB Server it gives the follwoing error

I have also these engine installed on w2k servers where i just updated the hosts,services files and entries in setnet32 of both the servers where it is working fine.

kindly help me in this regards.

One more thing how we determine that both machine are trusted to each other in SCO UNIX environment?

best regards

Muhammad Waqas