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    Unanswered: Get Correct Sales Person

    OK here is my problem.

    I have the following database

    Sales #,Name, Start Date, End Date
    005, John, 8/6/01,
    005, Paul, 5/7/01, 7/27/01
    005, Steve, 9/29/97, 12/31/00

    Then I have another database with adjustments to the sales number.

    Sales #, Adjustment Date, Amount
    005, 6/1/01, $500.00
    005, 10/2/02, $400.00

    I need to create a query that will give me the correct name of the salesperson that falls within the adjustment date.

    So for the adjustment 6/1/01, Paul should appear and for 10/2/02 John should appear.

    Any Suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Create a query with both tables joined by Sales #
    in the criteria of the Adjustment date column put:

    between [Start Date] and [End Date]

    I think !!!!!


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    It took some time but I figured it out, in case you are interested here is what I did.

    Where the adjustment date was I added

    >=[Salespeople].[start date] And <=[Salespeople].[end date]
    >=[Salespeople].[start date] And [Salespeople].[end date] Is Null

    Just so you know, this may be simple for a lot of you, but I am not a pro. And I am proud of myself to have figured it out.

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