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    Angry Unanswered: MoveFirst re-runs procedure

    Okay this has had me stumped for a while.... I've now sussed that myRecSet.MoveFirst can re-run the query!! Eh?

    My SQL is "EXEC sp_Proc 'YYYYMM'" This proc will create records in a table if they don't exist, and return a msg. If the records already exist it returns a diff msg. Simple!

    I create the recordset in the fashion of myRS = myDB.Execute (mySQL) though I've tried myRs.Open mySql, myDB, myRSType (with various recordset types) with the same result.

    I run the query and prior to doing a MoveFirst the 1 line recordset has the expected result (create). When I do a MoveFirst the recordset has the 'existing' message.

    Now I know the MoveFirst is not actually required (but it's in a lot of our old systems), but I can't see why this should happen. I've got a big dent in me head now from bashing it against the desk. Any comments or ideas would be most welcome before I throttle the soft toy on my desk!

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    Have you tried this with pubs or northwind databases in sql server ? Post your code and sp.

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