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    Unanswered: Error on Data Environment using SQL 2000 Personal Edition w/ Windows XP Pro

    I got an error on my VB Project when I try to add store procedure to the data environment but this error does not appear on windows 2000 I already installed Service Pack 5. If I tried to add store procedure by right clicking the connection that I've added and then select the add store procedure an error appear is there any one who can help me . It would be a big help.

    The error is AppName3 vb6.exe AppVer ModName vb6.exe
    ModVer offset: 000c0035 it's just appear when I'm trying to add a new store procedure a dialog box appear saying Visual Basic has encounter problem with a button of send and don't send.

    Note : I'm using SQL Server Provider

    thank you.

    I'm sorry guys I already solved the problem there's nothing wrong with my Visual Basic nor my SQL it's just that my project is corrupted.

    by the way special thanks to all the members who viewed my post message specialy to rnealejr.
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    What is the error ?

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    Question So what did you do?

    I have had the same problem for a while now too. I figured it was a corrupt project...what did you do? Did you figure out what was corrupted and replace it? Or did you just rewrite??

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