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    Unanswered: Visual Studio 6.0 SP5 has an error on Windows XP Pro

    I have a Data Environment on my VB Project. I'm using SQL 2000 Personal Edition and I have a store procedure and I inserted it to the Data Environment with only one connection in it. I can see all the store procedure that I inserted but when I try to open the properties of the store procedure or try to add a new store procedure an error appear saying that Visual Basic has encounter problems it is the same error that I've encountered when running exe which is not compatible with windows XP and take note this error will not appear when I open a new project and save it. I can insert a store procedure view its properties w/o having this error, but if I open a project that I previously created and save it for more than 3 times and that's it if I open the Data environment and try to add store procedure or view the properties by right clicking the store procedure and select the properties this error will appear, I tried to reinstalled my OS and VB w/o istalling SP5 then I opened the same project but it seems to be fined I can Add and View the properties of store procedure but after installing SP5 and open the same project and try to add a store procedure or view the properties the appear. I thought it was my project who had problem I thought it's just being corrupted bucause this error will not appear in a new project as I've mentioned above but I didn't experienced this on Windows 2000 OS even after I installed the SP5.
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