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    Question Unanswered: Cognos Transformer Special Categories Automation

    Hi All,

    In Cognos Transformer 6.61, I have a Time Dimension where I would like to add special categories (grouping categories) as such:

    One for YEARS where I want to link all the Years categories from the dimension;

    One for MONTHS (And 12 under this one... Jan, Feb, Mar, etc...) Under each on the Months categories I would group all the January categories(from any year), all the February categories, etc...

    I can do this fine manually. The problem is that I want to do this by Visual Basic automation. I am able to CREATE all the special categories but am unable to "LINK" any category from the dimension to any of the special categories...

    Can anybody help ?

    Thanks in advance


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    please correct me if i have your reqmnts wrong...cognos creates the time categories on its own need not do it manually...

    once you select the time column (date data type) it would create all these categories with the level of detail you desire...

    my 2 cents,

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