Hello All

I want to configure HADR I have installed IDS 7.31 on SCO UNIX on two servers X (Primary) and Y(Secondary).

On both servers I have 3 instances of servers e.g.

X Server Y Server
(Primary) (Secondary)

x1 instance y1 instance
x2 instance y2 instance
x3 instance y3 instance

I have successfully implemented HADR on one instance (x1 primary and y1 secondary).
Now i want to implemented HADR on x2(Primary) and y2 (secondary) but i couldn't make it. coz secondary unable to connect primary server.
I check the log file of secondary server where it written
"trying to connect Primary server "
I wait almost 30+ min but it couldn't connect while the first one connected after few moments.
what is the possible reason?

For HADR I'm using default setting as following:

# Data Replication Variables

I want to ask is there any sort of restriction on using HADR?
I mean can one set HADR on more than one instances of database engines?

Best regards