I am setting up Transactional Replication on SQL server and have run into a problem. If I am only using a stattic table I have no probelm but when I use a table with some constraints it fails and I get the error below? Anyone explain where I am going wrong?


Last command:
delete from "ADMISSIONS" where "ADMISSIONDBOID" = 4222198370415002108
Transaction sequence number and command ID of last execution batch are 0x0000000900000FAF005900000000 and 15.

DELETE statement conflicted with COLUMN REFERENCE constraint 'ADMISSIONAMBULATSTATUS_FK2'. The conflict occurred in database 'CS63VISN21', table 'ADMISSIONAMBULATORYSTATUS', column 'ADMISSIONDBOID'.
(Source: GTS-MAYO\PICIS (Data source); Error number: 547)