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    Unanswered: UPS Tracking

    Hi everyone:

    Currently we use an Access 97 application for our Sales/Purchasing/Inventory/etc. operations.

    I'm building a little form where I could pull the tracking number for a specific order and send it to the carrier for tracking.

    For example, a portion of the code for a specific truck carrier would be:

    'Testing Automatic Tracking with NEMF, by CE 10-11-02.
    MsgBox "Shipped NEMF", vbOKOnly
    WebAddress = ""
    WebOutput = "&Output=htm"
    WebTrackingNo = Forms![Invoice Inquiry Main Menu]![TrackingNo]
    FollowHyperlink WebAddress & WebTrackingNo & WebOutput, , True, False
    'Hide Web Toolbar
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "web", acToolbarNo
    My question is if anybody knows the format to be sent to UPS for such purposes. I contacted UPS, but now they provide support for XML and HTML only, even though they say UPS accept single tracking requests from visual basic. (Funny ah!, but how!!)

    Thank you all for your attention

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