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    Unanswered: trigger and sqlldr

    I need to do a process before to do a sqlldr operation, i think it could be do it with a tigger which fire after insert, but i see that the trigger active after every row insert.
    Someone can help me and give a solution ¿how can i do to activate a process after a sqlldr operation? Is it possible??

    Thank you

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    Re: trigger and sqlldr

    There's no "AFTER SQLLOAD" trigger or similar to help you, you will just have to process the data after it has been loaded. If the unprocessed data is invalid for the database, you may want to introduce a staging (temporary) table, i.e.
    1) Load data into staging table
    2) Process loaded data and insert into real table
    That way other users will not see the loaded data before you have processed it.

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