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    Unanswered: xp_deletemail.... doesn't.

    Having problems with the a stored proc that's meant to delete messages from the mailbox once it's processed them, but doesn't. Also, the scheduled job that runs it (every 10 minutes) consistently fails with an error like:
    xp_readmail: failed with operating system error 80 [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 18024) Associated statement is not prepared [SQLSTATE HY007] (Error 0) xp_deletemail: failed with mail error 0x8004010f [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 18025). The step failed.
    Some trawling through MSDN came up with the following bug:;en-us;Q290058
    - which describes exactly the problems we're having - but @@VERSION returns:
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.534 (Intel X86) Nov 19 2001 13:23:50 Copyright (c) 1988-2000 Microsoft Corporation Standard Edition on Windows NT 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 2)
    and apparently the bug was fixed in SP1... ?

    I'm desperately in need of fixes/workarounds so any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

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    You would be advised to upgrade to SP3a in any case. So that would be my adivice although it may not fix your problem. Worth doing anyway.


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    And if that doesn't work?

    Ok, I am having the same issue...I am working using version

    8.00.760 - SQL Server 2000 SP3

    Any thoughts, being that the fix apparently doesn't fix the problem?


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