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    Thumbs up Unanswered: [T-SQL]-[A.S.E.] searching for a replacement for fetch function.

    I have created on a A.S.A stored procedure. This stp updates our pctb database with our new data. This stp works in A.S.A. but in A.S.E. I have what I think problems with the fetch function. I'm loading the data into a cursor and with fetch I want to compare the master table with the new data (if found update or delete if not then insert). I've already updated the stp, tables because upper, lower, proper cassing.

    Does anybody knows a function that replaces the fetch function in a A.S.E. platform?

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    Hiya Natas,

    I don't the problem is caused because of the FETCH.

    FETCH is available in same context both on ASA and ASE.

    There are subtle variations to SQL between older versions of ASA and ASE. Starting from ASA 8.0.x and ASE 12.5.x they are coming much closer.

    Check this whitepaper that discusses incompatibilites in SQL's in ASA and ASE and how you can get around it.


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