I'm using an Access ADP connected to a SQL Server 7.0 back-end. My reports chart connects to a dynamically generated stored procedure as its datasource. When a user runs a report in my application, I pop up a parameter window to obtain the criteria, then dynamically create a stored procedure (actually just ALTER a stored procedure that already exists) before opening the report (containing the graph). Here is the problem: Sometimes, (1 time in 20), the report's graph object does not successfully link to the stored procedure and will display the default data orginally stored in the graph. No error is displayed. If I re-run the report, I get the data I would expect. I can rerun the report perhaps 20 more times before I once again get the default data.

Could this be a timing issue between the alter stored procedure and the report open event? If so, how would I "refresh" the ADP's connection to the stored procedures before the report opens? Thanks!