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    can anyoe solve this??? 100 award for u

    Use the accompanying case study to carry out the following tasks, for which the mark allocation is given:

    (i) Using the terms of reference given in the case study, produce a Context Diagram for a full information system (10%).

    (ii) Expand the Context Diagram to produce a complete set of Current Physical Data Flow Diagrams defining the information processing in the manual system. The DFDs should not only offer a complete and correct definition but should be organised to present it as clearly as possible (40%).

    (iii) For each of the elementary processes in the DFDs write a complete process definition. The definitions should be labelled with the corresponding DFD identifier and name and should clearly order and define the inputs, outputs and tasks required for each process (25%)

    (iv) Draw up a Problems/Requirements list detailing the problems known to exist in the current system and any known requirements for the new system. Both problems and requirements should be clearly defined in business terms rather than being identified simply by quotations from the case study. It is not necessary to include solutions at this stage. (15%).

    (v) Models may be produced by SELECT, other CASE tools, graphics packages or by hand. However, whichever method is used, presentation should be of the professional standard expected of consultants i.e. the set of documents submitted should be clear, neat, properly labelled and titled, appropiately packaged and consistent in terms of notation and terminology (10%).
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