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    Post Unanswered: How DB2 UDB 7.2 or 8.1 work with MTS

    Now we are develop the system using Visual Basic 6.0
    and the server is using MS Windows NT 4.0.

    I got two DB2 UDB located in two place, and I want to use MTS to do the two phase commitment.

    We use the ado to connect the database in the development.

    I create two connection, and I execute the SQL. If there are one of the connection fails, another one will also update. Even I set it abort.

    may be can we make the two phase commitment??

    Please Help !!! Urgent !!!

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    Smile Re: How DB2 UDB 7.2 or 8.1 work with MTS

    I'm not sure but please check this.

    1. As for V7.2, did you apply the latest FixPack? (fp7 is the latest )
    If the answer is no , then I reccomend to apply it .

    2. If you're using com/com+ , please check transaction properties of the
    program. ( which you can see from "Component Services " of the windows control panel.)
    I think you cannot use "transaction" if you set this property to "none" ( which is the default") , although it's the matter of COM+, not DB2.

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