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Thread: reorg a table

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    Question Unanswered: reorg a table

    I have deleted lot of rows from one table, and then I need to shrink the table size by using alter index to cluster command. It failed because I did not have enough dbspace for the job.

    How could I know how much free space I need for the table reorg?

    Any bright idea will be welcome.

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    you can try:

    ALTER FRAGMENT ON TABLE tablename INIT IN dbspacename_or_fragment_expression;

    This will, oddly enough, work for both fragmented and non-fragmented tables and tends to be faster than CLUSTERing an index since it does not have to sort the data.

    It might work - I never tryed it


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    there is another way Unload-Drop-Create Table-Load-Build Index-Upstat
    you have to re-calculate table's extent,next extent or create by fragment for optimization
    the table is very clean but it takes quite long time

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