ITTIA’s New RDMi™ Release Extends Data Access Capabilities

RDMi 3.2 opens the data pipeline for users and developers of RDM-based applications

Bellevue, WA—October 28, 2002--ITTIA® ( today announced the release of the RDMi™ version 3.2 data access and distribution technology for Raima Database Manager (RDM™).

With the release of RDMi 3.2, ITTIA raises the bar in all areas of support. Now the read/write data access features of RDMi are available for applications based on RDM versions 6.x, 5.x and 4.x. Even applications developed with 3.21 are supported for ODBC read operations.

RDMi 3.2 now offers extensive UNIX® operating system support, including Solaris™, SCO®, HP-UX, AIX and Linux. On the Windows™ side, support for Windows XP environments is now available. This heightened level of OS support adds to RDMi’s existing support for Windows™ 98/2000/ME/NT and the popular QNX® and VxWorks® real-time operating systems (RTOS).

In addition to supporting more RDM versions and operating systems, RDMi 3.2 also enhances the user experience. Noteworthy improvements include enhanced error checking and handling plus an automated installation routine.

When RDMi is deployed any RDM-based application can share data with any ODBC-compliant application. In addition, developers and users of RDM-based applications can take advantage of popular business intelligence tools such as Crystal Reports™, Cognos® and other ODBC third party tools (e.g. Microsoft™ Access). RDMi not only unlocks embedded data, it also creates a pipeline for the free flow of information, allowing valuable information assets to be leveraged by other applications and reporting tools.

One of the primary reasons for using RDM is the database’s powerful, core level "d_" API. ITTIA’s RDMi 3.2 builds on this RDM feature, ensuring the expected level of database efficiency while providing industry-standard data access. Similarly, RDMi 3.2 takes full advantage of RDM's combined network/B-tree data architecture. ITTIA's RDMi 3.2 offers the performance and flexibility users expect from the established RDM product, while extending new options for data migration and exchange.

RDMi 3.2 opens RDM to the world of database interoperability. Instead of switching database managers or implementing replication schemes, RDM users can deploy RDMi as a substantially greater cost-effective and time saving solution. For companies offering RDM-based systems, this openness can increase an application's value, secure new customers, retain existing customers and increase revenue.

Because RDMi 3.2 is a comprehensive implementation of the ODBC 3.0 specification, RDMi 3.2 supports the complete range of complex queries: expressions, aggregation, filters, and ordering. RDMi 3.2 exploits network model sets for optimal join processing, and make use of keys for more efficient filters and ordering.

A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of RDMi 3.2 is available from ITTIA’s website at


Founded in February 2000, ITTIA provides data connectivity solutions for industry leading applications developed for embedded and mobile platforms. The company’s RDMi™ technology provides easy data access and distribution for customers to migrate and report. With RDMi™, data can be accessed and utilized via applications such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, Cognos and other ODBC compatible tools. For more information, please visit

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