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    Unanswered: easy: display a text string from a data value

    I have a data value which is either a 1 or 2. I want to display "yes" or "no" on the report based upon the value. i.e. 1="Yes", 2="no".

    I used to know how to do this but it escapes me...
    Thanks in advance to the nice person who knows this slam dunk

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    If 1 and 2 are the only values in that field (and no nulls), I would use an Iif statement. The format is Iif(if statement, then statement, else statement). So yours would be- Iif([*field_name*]=1, "Yes", "No").
    If there are nulls, then you could just add another Iif inside of that-([*field_name*]=1, "Yes", Iif([*field_name*]=2, "No", null)).

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