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Thread: MSDE Install

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    Question MSDE Install

    I've got an application that works off an SQL 7/2000 database. For our clients who do not have an sql server we want to be able to set up our database with msde. I know how to install msde but cannot find the right information on how to install our database and connect to the msde. I also need to setup the user that our application logs in under. The application looks for a filedsn that is configured with our hardcoded username and password. I know how to setup the dsn but come back to the same issue of setting up our username and password so that it is the dbowner of the database.
    I prefer to create this setup myself so that I can support any new fetures that may be required but would be willing to look at any 3rd party solution.
    Thanks for any help with this.
    Rob Lilly

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    Re: MSDE Install

    If you've got SQL Server 2000, you need to dig around the docs for Transac-SQL. Otherwise I think you can get the docs for Transac-SQL on MSDN.

    Most of it can be done through system stored procedures. Some of it will require SQL-DMO, especially activating SQL Server authentication, which would use the username/password.

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