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    Unanswered: Arithabort error when updating an indexed sql view


    I have a table in SQL Server and an associated view that contains every field in the table, including the primary key. The view is also indexed on that field. Next, I created a link to the view within an ACCESS 2000 database through ODBC. I was not asked to select a unique identifier when I linked the view because ACCESS knew that the view was indexed.

    However, when I opened this linked view in datasheet view and tried to update one of the records, I got the following error message

    "ODBC -- Update on a linked table 'dbo.test' failed.

    Update failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'ARITHABORT',(#1934).

    I have learned that you have to set the ARITHABORT option to ON whenever you want to do an update to an indexed, linked view, but I don't know where to set that option within Access. There doesn't seem to be a place to tell ACCESS to set the default for a table / database to "SET ARITHABORT ON". I know I can do this when I'm estqablishing a connection through ADO, but this is just simply updating an indexed view directly, not through ADO.

    Where or how do I use the "Set Arithabort On" command within ACCESS? Can I do this when I set the ODBC Connection? Any other suggestions?

    Anything you can find out would be helpful!

    Karen Grube

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    Does access 2000 support updating indexed views ? Check out the following article:


    If you have conflicting documentation, please post.

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    Using VBA code, you can update an indexed view by establishing an ADO connection and setting the connection property to "Set Arithabort on" before you write out the record.

    Of course, the view updates nicely as long as it's not indexed. The only problem is that ACCESS keeps asking you to select a unique identifier when the view isn't indexed.

    Any suggestions?


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