Hi there,

We have been working several hours trying to get our replication going on our new server. We initily had a server which handled the e-mail and SQL replication running SQL 7 and NT4. The harddrive started getting bad sectors. We then loaded windows 2000 server on a new server with SQL 2000, the master server is still on NT4 with SQL 2000. The server's around the country are all on NT4 running SQL2000. We brought them all up to our office to replicate the data our our network lines as our frame relay lines are slow. The replication worked. On sending 2 of the server's back our distributer ( running win 2000, SQL 2000 ) gave us this error: The merge process could not initialize the publisher SERVER1. Server1 is running win NT4 and SQL 2000. This is doing it on all the server's even here in our office. Service pack 2 is loaded on the distributer.

Could you please give us some advice, any help will be greatly appriciated.

Thank you