I used these steps as given in the FAQ for MS Access Security (I do not have the PID or anything to recreate my workgroup file):

6. What's the best way to convert my secured Microsoft Access application to the latest version of Microsoft Access?
... If you can't re-create your workgroup information file, you can run a Microsoft Access database against an earlier version's workgroup file. However, you will be unable to take advantage of any new functionality that may have been added to user-level security in the latest version of Microsoft Access. Your best bet is to "de-secure" the application in the older version of Microsoft Access before converting it (grant full permissions to the Users group and put the Admin user back in Admins, clearing its password), ...

but when I try to convert my_database.mdb to Access 2000 I get the message "You do not have the neccessary permissions to use the 'c:\working\my_database_be.mdb' object. Have your SA or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you." What do I do now? Do I need SA rights on my local machine?