We are having a problem with one of our SQL Clusters. Teh active server shows that the SQLServerAgent is running on the active server, it is not running on the system account and the account that it is assigned to has been given the permissions of "act as part of the operating system", "Log on as a Service", "Replace a process level toke" and "Log on local". The account is also part of the local admin group

I have set up the cluster as the distributor and have shared the drive that the distributor files are located on.

I have set up the Publishers to mimic the distributors login account.

All of the Publishers have the same account set up the same way.

All of the subscribers have the same account set up the same way.

The error I am getting when I click on the Replication Monitor Node is: "The SQLServerAgent on this Distributor, <SQLCluster Name>, does not seem to be running. Please make sure it is running properly."

The service shows as started in the services window and the SQL icon in the system tray show the service as started. I am really confused.

Any help would be wonderful