Scenario: Active / Active SQL Configuration

3 Groups:

a) Cluster group (quorum)
b) SQLVS1 (For named instance one)
c) SQLVS2 (For named instance two)

Question? Where should be msdtc resource be located? In the Cluster (quorum) group? Why? If so, what should be it's dependencies? In SQLVS1 or SQLVS2 group? Why? What are the benefits of one over the other.

My guess: I would think to create msdtc resource in cluster (quorum) group.

My reason: If dtc in located in (active) SQLVS1 group but distrubuted transactions occure on (active) SQLVS2 and SQLVS1 has a failure, then SQLVS2 will not be able to process distributed transacions until SQLVS1 fails over to SQLVS2, which could take some time. If dtc is located in cluster (quorum) group, then no distributed transactions are lost during a SQL failover.

Just my thoughts. Any reply would be appreciated. If replying, please give reason for your decisions. Thank you.