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    Question Unanswered: exportin DATA and columns to text file ??

    Could anyone please tell me how I can export data along with the column headings to a text file using dbisql accessing a sybase database ?? Or is there a good windows based tool I can use to do this ??

    Thank you

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    I can use the answer to this question too !
    Using OUTPUT seem to do it but I need to use it with variable filename. UNLOAD supports using variable filename but doesn't support printing headers !! ugh!

    Any answers/help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks !

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    Keep in mind that I'm a geek, DBA, reformed programmer, etc. The answers that are easy and intuitive to me may or may not work for you.

    My first answer would be PowerShell because it is free with Windows, easy, and wildly powerful.

    If you need something that is portable to other platforms (like Linix, etc), then I'd probably choose Perl.

    If you want something readily available to most users and very, very familiar to them then I'd consider using Excel. A few macros can do amazing things!

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    Found the answer !

    Thanks PatP !
    Unfortunately I had to get it done using scripts itself (missed to mention it in my note below rt ? ) since I had to get the data exported from multiple dbs remotely situated in an automated way and using dbisql.
    A Simple union seemed to solve the issue... The only catch is I had to CAST any data type to Char/varchar type.
    A sample set below ..

    DECLARE @output_filepath char (100);
    DECLARE @output_filename char (100);

    SET @output_filepath='C:\Path\'_'||db_name();
    SET @output_filename = @output_filepath||'_filename.csv';
    SELECT 'ColName1','ColName2','ColName3'
    SELECT Col1,Col2,CAST(c.Col3 AS VARCHAR)
    FROM contact c
    To @output_filename ;


    Thanks Again for your suggestions...

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