Im having the same problem. Where is that document located on the IBM site. i havent had much look searching their site for anything useful. I am trying to use Visual Studio to make the connection to a SQL server that has an Unidata server linked to it. Not really sure how to accomplish it, but so far ive been doing pretty good. I managed to stumble through linking the server, and am able to view my tables created by vsg. Only thing is the right syntax to make them available for visual studio (on the client). heres some info if anyone can help me:

linked server name: Johnny
userid: uid
pwd: uid
db name: JOHNNY.MAIN (on linked server)
table name: SQD_2_Johnny_SUB
data source: PC03 (using informix.unioledb)

using the above i managed to make little progress with stored procedures. I tried doing opendataxxx process but kept getting error saying invalid parameter length.

in other words how do i get a client to connect to a Unidata linked server using unioledb?

thanks in advance!