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    Unanswered: Expanded Forms

    I have 2 nested subforms in datasheet view and I am able to cause a crash consistently when the following happens:

    Open the main form, expand the subform to see AT LEAST 2 more records than exist in the next master record.

    If I then change the main form record to record #2, it crashes.

    For example:

    Primary record 1 has 3 subrecords. Primary record 2 has only 1 subrecord. If I expand ALL 3 subrecords in primary record 1, then use the 'next record' button to go to record 2, it crashes immediately.

    If I only expand 2 of the 3, no crash. If record 2 has atleast 2 subrecords, no crash. It only happens if more than 2 subrecords are expanded in the first primary record than exist in the 2nd record.

    Does anybody know what may cause this?

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    New Developement...

    It only crashes on an XP system, Office 2000 does not crash under these conditions.

    So now my question is, how do I go about reporting bugs to MS?
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