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    Red face Unanswered: Calculated Fields

    I am very new to working with applications in Access so please excuse me if my question is a simple one.

    I have a table with 3 fields [Amt1] [Amt2] And [Total] all are set to currency

    in a form i was able to get [Total] to show a correct answer, being...

    [Amt1] + [Amt2]

    when i look back in my table values for [Amt1] and [Amt2] are correct

    but... [Total] has no Value ($0.00)

    I guess my question is how would I get value of [Total] (in the table) to show the value of [Total] in the Form?

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    I have to say that you should not store the results of a calculated field in a table. It is bad practice. You can get the results through a query. Having said that, if you still want to show the result in the table, use this line of code in the After Update event of the control Amt2

    Me.Total = Me.Amt1 + Me.Amt2


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