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Thread: Backup problem

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    Unanswered: Backup problem


    I have a problem with informix ontape utility.

    the ontape utility worked well until i add a new database to my server.
    TAPESIZE parameter in onconfig file was 2048000 , i increase it to
    5120000 but the ontape stops as soon as the quantity written reachs
    2GB and i have this error message :

    Archive failed - function write to tape failed code -1 errno 27

    my configuration parameters are :

    # System Archive Tape Device

    TAPEDEV /app/informix920uc2/ifxbackup/db_bkp.dat # Tape device path
    TAPEBLK 16 # Tape block size (Kbytes)
    TAPESIZE 5120000 # Maximum amount of data to put on
    tape (Kbytes)

    is there a problem with TAPEBLK parameter ? may i increase it too ?

    Thanks a lot .

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    As far as I know there is a tapesize limit of 2G in ontape. You need to switch tapes.


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