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    Unanswered: Unknown Function 'DATE' in validation expression

    I use an Access Database at work. This year, I had to copy it to a remote location. The original works as always, and the copy works, but it gives an error message "unknown function 'date' in validation expression or default value on 'tblData.DATE'.

    This has not caused too much trouble, except I have been unable to make changes to my report designs. I found one other message relating to a similar problem, with the following response, but I was unable to find the anything that said "references" under the "TOOLS" button.

    <<This is usually caused by a "Missing" library reference. Open any module in design view, click on Tools/References then search for "Missing" attached to any checked library reference. >>

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. The man who wrote this database no longer works for the company and the new computer guru is usually busy with stuff that has a higher priority, so if I want to fix this, I need to do it myself.

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    It appears the problem is caused by you naming a field "Date" .....

    Date is a "Reserved Word" in Access for the function named Date().

    To see the "References" ... you must first open any module in "design view" .. then Choose Tools/References from the menu.

    Ricky Hicks
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