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    Unanswered: Access 97 Integration into 2k

    I am the IT manager for a currency company that paid to have a database application developed many years ago in Access 97.

    All the client computers are currenly running Windows 98 and are in a workgroup star topology with static IPs behind a linux box performing POP3, SMTP, and NAT services.

    The program itself is a secured database with a workgroup information file, and is run in 3 parts: A retail where transactions are recorded, logged, and information is both send and recieved via POP3 (Getpop) and SMTP. A wholesale that functions the same as the retail. A central control console, where rates and settings are made, then delivered to the linux box with SMTP and distributed to the retail/wholesale clients via POP3. The central then picks up the deliveries made to it by the clients and imports it into it's own database.
    This then can export a file with the information necessary to import into an ACCPAC Accounting application.

    Now the issues that I am concerned with are as follows: We want to phase out the linux box and install in its place a Windows 2000 centralized server running AD, DHCP, NAT, RRAS, DNS, Exchange, and a new ACCPAC Accounting package running either MSSQL or Pervasive SQL. The clients would also be upgraded to Windows 2000 Pro, and the overall network would take the form of an Active Directory Domain in a star topology.

    I don't forsee a problem with the email aspect, however, I do see a problem in the fact that this Access application is NOT standalone, it currently relies on Access 97 being installed on the machines. I am wondering what issues Access 97 might have being run as a standalone on multiple user profiles off a 2kpro client that is a member of an Active Directory Domain.

    Anyone here have any experience with something similar to this?

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    Our network is similar and we run many access97 databases from many OS's on 2Kserver etc.
    If you want to get away from installing access on every machine run Windows Terminal Server. This gets around all compatability problems. You just need the access runtimes installed on the terminal server and you are done.

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    Thanks for the tip! I was actually concidering this method, however, it will require some substantial code rewrites. Also, some locations are located a fair distance from the actual servers, so pulling over the link would be quite a bit of overhead BW wise. Again, testing would be the only definitive method to find out.

    Anyone else have some experience with this sort of thing? I am concidering just having this whole thing re-written in VB 6.

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