Hello! I'm having troubles getting DB2 connect personal edition for Linux to work with RedHat 8.0.

The problem is, although the db2 client seems to connect fine to the IBM server when I try to run any database commands (ie: select *) I get this error:

SQL0969N There is no message text corresponding to SQL error "-330" in the
message file on this workstation. The error was returned from module
"QSQROUTE" with original tokens "0 *N *N 1208 0". SQLSTATE=22021

Anyone have ideas as to what this means? I did the exact same install and configuration (ie: catalog commands) on another server that was RedHat 7.3 and it worked just great. However this above error is now haunting me and I can't figure it out. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

-Jeremy Deininger