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    Arrow Unanswered: Deleting trap files....

    Hello Guys,

    We are running DB2 UDB v7.2 on Linux. Under the /sqllib/db2dump there are lot of cxxxx.0000 and txxxx.000 (where x is some number) files and directories. We haven't had any problem with the database, so is it safe to remove them?

    I will really appreciate if you can also provide a link which explains the use and maintenance of these log files.

    Thanks in advance


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    Usually, when you got a trap file, there will be a message in the db2diag.log. It is abnormal to have a large number of trap files. I would suggest you to have a look on the db2diag.log to identify the source of problems before you remove them.

    In case there are any problem, you can send the db2diag.log with the corresponding trap files to IBM support.

    BTW, the xxxx of the trap file name, txxxx.000 indicates the process no.


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