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    Red face Unanswered: Synchronizing Subforms

    Hey. I'm in Manila (the Philippines) for 6 months (3 are almost done) trying to make a database for the first time ever (kind of a surprise project for me). This is included as a disclaimer as to why it may sound like I'm using terrible technique or what not... I'm using MS Access 2002.

    What I need is synchronization between different subforms on the same tabbed control. I figure that a filter is the best way to do it, but I'm having serious problems. I'll give a scenario:

    My tabbed control is called [CPR Main]
    The subform on one tab has the caption [CPR Event Profile]
    The subform on another tab has the caption [CPR Group Profile]
    Both subforms have a control called [EventNo], which I would like to use for filtering.

    SO, I found a piece of a program in the help files that looks like it might work in my situation, and I put the following code in the OnCurrent event of the [CPR Event Profile] subform:

    [Forms]![CPR Main]![CPR Group Profile].FilterOn = True
    [Forms]![CPR Main]![CPR Group Profile].Filter = "EventNo = [Forms]![CPR Main]![CPR Event Profile]![EventNo]"

    What I assumes this does is, when the focus changes between records on the [CPR Event Profile] subform, the filter should be applied (based on the value of EventNo). HOWEVER, what happens instead is I get the error

    "Object does not support this property or method"

    pointing at the first line of code... so a subform can't have filters??? But, when I go to the subform in design view, I can find a filter property, so I'm really confused. Any ideas?

    - Chris Peressotti

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    review how you refer to subforms in msa 2000.
    better (if datasheet view is acceptable for group profile is to set the group profile as a sub-subform ) but remember after subforms it starts to go to datasheet view.

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