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    Unanswered: Not sybase specific but.......

    I have been tasked to write an interface between sybase database and an oracle database that picks up a string of data (already created in a view) from a single primary field. Any pointers as to where I can get some info from the bottom up.
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    You can try Power Builder, there is a eval available on Sybase site.


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    Re: Not sybase specific but.......

    Sybase have a product called Direct Connect for Oracle (DCO). You can then use proxy tables to access the Oracle server.

    You send SQL to ASE
    ASE identifies the table is a proxy table and sends it to DCO
    DCO connects to the Oracle server using SQL*NET (or whatever they use these days)
    Oracle server processes the query and sends it back to DCO
    DCO passes it back to the ASE
    ASE passes it back to you.

    Direct Connect for Oracle creates another process that the ASE can communicate with. DCO acts as a server for Sybase and a client for Oracle.

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