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    Unanswered: Foxpro 2.6

    I am using Foxpro 2.6 with my newly installed XP operating system. The program works on my XP laptop but generates an "Invalid path or filename" when foxpro starts up on my desktop. What could be the problem? I then get a general protection fault and Foxpro dies. Need help on this issue.

    Thanx Dave

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    The first thing to check would be to see:
    1. Are you launching your FP program with a Config.FP (or .FPW) file?
    2. If so, then look into it to see if the Temp file directory exists on your failing system.

    If that fails to fix your problem, go over to:

    and do a search for your topic. A lot of people have asked about issues like this and a lot of us have answered.

    Good Luck,

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