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    Unanswered: DB2 connect to as400 slowed down

    Very puzzled by this one...

    We have linux/db2 connecting to as400.

    Everything was working fine until an upgrade on AS400 to O/S 5.1. The remote queries have dramatically slowed down.

    We can see the job opening the SYSTABLES and SYSCOLUMNS files which contain an entry for every AS400 file and field respectively. Obviously these are very large files. Right at the end of the processing the target data file is opened momentarily. This doesn't happen on servers without the upgrade.

    Why is it doing this? Can we stop it? Is there a config setting which needs to be changed? On db2? On the AS400?

    Any help really appreciated


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    I am now wondering if it is to do with db2 fixpak upgrades...coincidently upgraded at the same time, but on both our dev and live servers and which seemed to go okay...

    Does anyone know of any problems (or steps that I might have missed) when installing fixpak3 and fixpak7 that might cause odbc connectivity via db2 connect to go pear-shaped on the as400?


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