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    Mat Guest

    Unanswered: Error: Missing Library

    I've a problem with some VB code I used. The database I created works great on a number of computers, but on one a bit older compaq, it gives an error. Visual Basic seems not to know what the function Date is. In the VBA library, the Date exists as a member of the class DateTime.

    I already checked the references to the .olb files, but they exist. Replacing the .olb files with the correct one from another pc doesn't help.

    Does anybody know the reason for this strange error?

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    It looks like you have missing libraries:

    ACC2000: VBA Functions Break in Database with Missing References

    HTH, Igor

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    Mat Guest


    Finally I solved the problem, thanx.

    The database runs on a computer in The Netherlands, while I am working in South Africa, so we had to solve the problem via MSN.

    There is still one thing I don't understand: on this pc the specific library is not installed and it works fine, but on the pc in Holland it needs the library to run the Data Function.

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