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    Unanswered: How can I import data from MSSQL2000 into Oracle 8.1.7?

    Sorry for possible dummy question, but I have to import data (tables only)
    from MSSQL2000 to my Oracle 8.1.7. I would like to know how is this done
    and what tools (Oracle native is preffered) can I use ? DTS Wizard from
    MSSQL distribution cant correctly create tables on Oracle.

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    Re: How can I import data from MSSQL2000 into Oracle 8.1.7?

    Have you tried Oracle Migration Workbench ? It is freely downloadable and you get plugins for the different databases like access,sql server etc.
    Check it out at

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    Check a migration tool called Chyfo.

    This is a migration tool that can easy migrate MS SQL Server database into Oracle and IBM DB2. It migrates tables, indexes, constraints, defaults. It supports moving of LOBs (text, image) as well.

    For more details go to their web site.

    Hope that helps,

    OCP - DBA

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