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    Unanswered: Attempting to fix Operation must use an updateable query


    im sure you have seen this error many times, ive searched all over the net and found that the problem is to do with read only access on my web folder. How can i take it off?

    If i use explorer to navigate to my web folder (c:\temp) i can check the properties and can see that the read-only box is grey, i can take the tick off and apply my changes but when i check the propertys again the box has put the grey tick back in. If i check the actual files in the folder, none of them have the read-only box ticked.

    i have tested my code on other pcs (running win2k with personal web manager) and it works so that is not the problem.

    In the IIS control panel i have enabled read/write access to the site with script execute permissions. Under the directory security tab im using annonymous access andf allowing IIS to control the password.

    Any ideas to get round the problem or use an alternative to IIS to fix the problem? im a student and i need to work from home on this project, any and all ideas are welcome !

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    It sounds like you don't have the permissions you need on the folder you're trying to get write permission to. You don't specify whether the folder is on your PC or on a network server. You also don't specify the operating system your using and/or what the operating system and networking file service protocol is for the server if the folder is on a server. These are fairly important pieces of information to be able to help you.

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    hi thanks for replying, i have finally got it sorted thanks to a couple of sites

    shows exactly how to change the permissions (in winxp) on that site it shows the rights of users in a security tab which i didnt have so i couldnt set user rights to the folder.

    to enable this tab i had to disable simple file sharing, after doing it i could then see the security tab and set the rights.

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