I'm using a CLOB column to store up to 100KB of data per data row in a table. The CLOB is defined as not compact. There are approx. 7 million rows and the average size of any one CLOB is 22 bytes total. Using the following sql, I have determined the size of the raw data is about 160 MB.

select sum(length(clob_column)) from table

The problem is the long tablespace that stores the clobs has bloated to 4 GB! It is taking 4GB to store 160MB. Not too efficient. Compact does not help. Neither do smaller or larger extents

The long tablespace has an extent of 32 pages of 4KB size.

Does anyone have any experience in this area? Any ideas on the wasted space?

The approximate waste is 540 bytes per 22 bytes stored.

I already have a PMR into IBM on this, but any help or opinions will be much appreciated.