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    I have oracle 8i installed in my machine.i have created 3 users in my database.i.e.,3 logins.
    there was no problems,but today when i opened my sql plus it shows an error named "ora-1092: oracle instance terminated disconnection forced"
    i am not using the database at present but the tester of my application is accessing my database from his machine.

    whats the problem.can anybody pls help me.the testing process is stopped now bcos of this problem.


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    Yoy first check that Oracle service is properly created with Oradim utility.

    Also check that environment variable "oracle_sid" is set to oracle instance (sid) name.

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    There will be entry in the db alert log giving you the name of the trace file which was generated from this error. Go to the db server BDUMP directory, check the alert file for more clues.

    Hope that helps,

    OCP - DBA

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