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    Unanswered: wondering about Access' SQL view...

    I have just started to learn SQL, so far have only done some simple queries with SELECT, FROM, & WHERE in Access 2000's sql view. Now I want to go on to the CREATE TABLE statement, among others, but I keep getting a syntax error "syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement".
    on the code below:

    create table employees
    (first varchar(30),
    last varchar(30),
    title varchar(30),
    age number(2),
    salary number(8,2));

    After clicking OK on the syntax error window, the cursor always moves to the position between the open parenthesis and the number two in the following line above: age number(2). My biggest question is, "Can I use the sql view in Access 2000 to learn more than just a few queries"?
    I know that JetSQL is a little different from ANSI SQL, but doesn't access have support for writing more complicated SQL code, like for creating tables, unions, joins, inserts, drop, etc.?

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    Fundamental Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000

    "For more information about the types of data that
    can be used in field definitions, type SQL data types
    in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab in the
    Microsoft Access Help window, and then click Search."

    it works if you use data type number without the dimension in parentheses

    you could also use single or double or integer


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    RE: Access' SQL view

    Thanks for saving the day, I was looking for some good documentation. There are some pretty interesting links on your web page also.

    Thanks again

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