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    Unhappy Unanswered: Getting Data from Multiple Databases.

    Hi All,

    I have a strange situation Here.

    I am having two different SECURE Shared MS Access Database with their own Administrator ID and Passwords. (Both known).

    One of these is in MS Access 97(say SYS97) and the other one is in Access 2000 (say SYS2000).

    The data from the SYS97 is required to be used in the SYS2000. Earlier I used to have a OWNERACCESS Option query in the SYS2000 to access the data from SYS97, but for that I needed to get the SYS97 database down on the C Drive of the user and then use it from there.
    The owner of these queries was defined as <UNKNOWN>

    The SQL used to be something like:

    "Select * from TBL_EMP_DATA in 'C:\tmpData\EMPDB_Temp.mdb' WITH OWNERACCESS OPTION"

    This way we could never access the live data, so we decided to change the queries to access the path to the live database.

    The moment I changed the path in the query to Network path and resaved it with a different name. I could never open the Result of this select query. Getting errors:

    NO READ PERMISSIONS ON TBL_EMP_DATA. Data could not be read.

    Also the owner of the new query has been changed to the current user, which does not have any read permissions on SYS97.

    I tried in vain to link directly/using ODBC Database(using ACCESS DSN) knowing though that might not be able to connect

    We went other way round to create Linked tables using tableDefs by creating an MS ACCESS DSN, but have not been able to use that either.
    used the following:

    strRemConn = ";DATABASE='C:\tmpData\EMPDB_Temp.mdbystem Database='C:\tmpData\SYS97.MDA;UserID=" & chr(34) conSysID & chr(34) & ";Password=" & chr(34) & conSysPWD & chr(34)

    Stuck up heavily................

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    Shot in the dark but your problem to your 1st attempt might be due to Windows 2000 file access privileges on the network side. I would check with the administrator to make sure your login account has access to those files first.

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    Thanks for replying but I have complete access Rights to the network paths including Administration. Hence that does not seem to be a reason, I am also able top access the other files in that area.


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