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    Red face Unanswered: Free DataBases comparasing. Important!!

    I have to choose a free database to start a DB server. For now it seems to be a choosing between PostgreSQL and MySQL. As far as I understand, the differences are:

    1) MySQL has no transactions (rollbacks) - very unpleasant; it has no views, no triggers, no procedural languages - not very bad, but does a ittle headache sometimes.
    2) MySQL is more fast, easy to install/manage, more reliable, but less secure.

    Is the above info right? is there anything else I didn't mention?

    The second question here is if there's a feature letting acess to the server and to the local database copy be the same.
    I mean, ususally you have to write different code for working with a DB server and local DB copy. Is there any features fixing it up in Postgre or MySQL?

    I have found the d/l version of MySQL for Window, but not PostgreSQL. Will be grateful for any links.

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    The question: What RDBMS is better exists since the two databases exist.

    It's easy to answer.
    If you only need speed then mysql.

    If you want to make som real database applications use postgresql cause of it's triggers stored procedures and so on.

    Mysql supports transactions. But you must compile it in I think. The table type is called Innodb. But I heard it's very slow. And the transaction Isolation level is very bad.

    If you want to runs postgresql under Windows there are 2 options:
    1. download cygwin and install it on windows.
    2. Wait 6-7 months and get the 7.4 with native Windows support.

    The second question I don't understand. Why do you need different code bases if you work with a local dbn or remote db.

    Global configuratino file.
    The app should be the same. only the connect string differs.
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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